What is 40K CCG?

A quick overview of the Warhammer 40K CCG.

Printed from 2001 to 2003 by Sabertooth Games, the Warhammer 40K CCG is a collectible card game that pits your chosen race against your opponent’s. Each game your forces will fight over a chosen planet consisting of 5 sectors. The first player to capture 3 sectors, or have a greater victory point total than their opponent, is the winner of the game.

A total of five sets were printed during the game’s run, beginning with Battle for Pandora Prime (2001) and ending with Siege of Malogrim Hive (2003).

The 40K CCG was also known for its launch of the Astronomican player rewards program, which allowed players to gain ranks online by logging games, which enabled them to unlock promo cards for mail-in redemption.

After its cancellation, this game system was further reiterated in the form of the Horus Heresy CCG and Dark Millennium CCG before Sabertooth Games closed its doors in 2008. In a very tangential sense, it could also be considered the great-granddaddy of the Warhammer 40K Conquest LCG.