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SCD: Farseer Bilgaedrin

Today we discuss Farseer Bilgaedrin, dice manipulator extraordinaire.

In a previous blog post, I referred to how many new awesome cards Eldar got in the Malogrim Hive expansion. Farseer Bilgaedrin is one of those cards.

For a race that is already heavy on die manipulation, Farseer Bilgaedrin is insane. At a sector, not only can he surveil 1 (another MTG reference, I know), but he can also modify either your rolls or your opponent’s rolls (edit: I originally wrote that he could use the M ability multiple times, but this is not the case as per the rules). He can defend your sector against the rampant die modification of Chaos, while screwing over Chaos at the same time. Farseer Billy is a badass.

For the longest time, Khainazahil was the patron saint of die boosting. Sadly, as a guardian squad, Khainazahil is as fragile as a wet paper bag, and not much better in combat. Although he’ll rarely kill anything, Bilgaedrin can keep himself alive should the opponent target him, through his own M ability. Most races would kill for a character like Bilgaedrin, who can assure that your most important rolls will succeed. Unfortunately, most races are filthy mon-keigh who do not understand the true power of the Eldar’s psykers.

Bilgaedrin’s die roll is fine in a vacuum, but amazing considering how strong he is in every other aspect. His command line, unsurprisingly, also helps bolster your dice rolling. Although you can build your deck to include many high-rolling psyker units, you often don’t need to since many Eldar staple units are already psykers with high dice rolls:

  • Jetbike Squad Asurilyn (5)
  • Kaura (4)
  • Nael (6)
  • Lockesis (6)
  • Morgaan (6)

On the flip side, you can also use your middle to low rolling psyker units to mess up your opponent’s rolls. Is there anything Bilgaedrin can’t do?

This duality is what makes Bilgaedrin so versatile and strong. Unless you are absolutely maxed out on characters, there is no reason not to play this guy. And of all the die-boosting Eldar characters, Bilgaedrin is by far the strongest. At the end of the day he is still a character and cannot help you capture a sector with flags, but he will massively influence any battle he joins.

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