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Artist Spotlight: Lissanne Lake

This week we have a virtual Q&A with veteran CCG illustrator and fine artist, Lissanne Lake!

Lissanne Lake is a New Jersey-based freelance illustrator with more than 25 years experience across a wide range of media, including book covers, magazines, tarot cards, gallery exhibitions, street murals, and yes, trading card games. Lissanne’s artwork has graced classic CCGs such as Age of Empires, Legend of the Five Rings, Mythos, and as we’ll discuss, the Warhammer 40K CCG.

Lissanne generously took the time to answer a few questions about her work on the 40K CCG. Let’s jump in!

How many pieces did you illustrate for the Warhammer 40K CCG?

LL: It’s complicated – 21 published pieces, plus 1 unpublished Noise Marines piece because Games Workshop changed the way they looked between the time I did them and publication time. 

Bloodshrikes – Delos V (2002)

I also did 5 fully rendered pencil sketches for the Tyranids-Invading-Cadia set (Coronis Campaign), which were scrapped before they got painted.

Which of your pieces for the 40K card game is your favourite, and why? 

LL: The Genestealer called Dolumar Genestealer. I love ‘Stealers!

Dolumar ‘Stealers – Delos V (2002)

I saw that you’re a fellow tabletop gamer! How and when did you get into the hobby?

LL: I have played D&D (the same world) for over 40 years, and the Harlequin boxed set got me into Warhammer 40K. I was painting figs for a gaming store, and taking my pay in trade – so I got the box when it came out. Of all my 40K armies, they are my first and favorite!  ‘Nids are second, though.

What was your experience working with Sabertooth and Games Workshop?

LL: They paid well and on time. I continue to do gaming art, and the same people turn up, so no stories. Sabertooth is gone. But I would work for GW again in a heartbeat.

You’ve got such a whimsical, fantastical style that can tackle both light and dark subject matter. What or who inspires your art?   

Cultists of Slaanesh – Malogrim Hive (2002)

LL: I’m inspired by Surrealist art and Western art, especially American artists like Frederic Remington and Charles M. Russell; other influences include Roger Dean and Patrick Woodroffe. For fantasy and sci-fi I would say Kelly Freas, who was a style mimic like me – a true master. In the world of 40K, Dave Gallagher and Paul Bonner are my favorites. But there are so many others.

What are you working on these days?

Bestial Vampire – Chivalry & Sorcery (2020)

LL: I have been doing the odd book covers, and a LOT of work for Brittania Game Designs (the publishers of Chivalry and Sorcery 5th Ed.). I finished all the interiors for the relaunch of the Land of the Rising Sun (by Fantasy Games Unlimited), and presently I’m doing 50 paintings for a Bestiary for them by [writer] Graeme Davis, another Warhammer 40K person.

I had also been painting murals in Jersey City, but with COVID this year…

How can fans get in touch with you, or see your newest work?

LL: On Facebook, at The Fantastic Art of Lissanne Lake. I do answer my messages!

Thanks very much Lissanne, for taking the time to chat!

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