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SCD: Kannon Krooza

We need more dakka! Today’s SCD covers the rare Kannon Krooza from Siege of Malogrim Hive.

A little while ago I revamped my Orks deck to become a Goff deck using the Ghazghkull’s Waaagh! Fleet card. 

While I still struggle to remember to use the Fleet Card ability, it has helped focus my deck into a primarily infantry-based shooting force. One card I added to the deck has been a consistent over-performer: Kannon Krooza, a rare from Siege of Malogrim Hive.

More dakka!

As far as stats go, it’s well above the curve. It’s a tough and fast vehicle by any faction’s measure, and a flag unit with a 4 die to boot. Although it can’t do much damage by itself, I’ve found that it is more than capable of helping the rest of your units dish out some serious hurt.

Kannon Krooza offers a test-free way to significantly boost your shooting power. Every unit can become a threat – especially if it’s a speed 3 Warbike or Trukk unit. Other cards have restrictions on what kind of card you can discard – not the case with Kannon Krooza. You can even discard negative command cards like the “E: -1 flag” on Veteran Skarboyz! 

Discarding cards can be quite costly in the long run, but it’s a good thing we’re playing Ghazghkull’s Waaagh!, right? By itself, the Fleet Card ability is quite obnoxious in that it will turn your dead Goff cards into fuel to further damage the opponent, punishing them for destroying your forces. Your opponent has to think twice about how to approach your force, lest they kill the wrong unit that has a command line that lets you take extra BAs, or boost your firepower and armor, or worse.

Back to Kannon Krooza. It’s looking even more appealing now that we have a surefire way to refuel our hand, isn’t it? It puts your opponent in a lose-lose situation, allowing you to continue to boost those mediocre Ork units into bonafide shooting monsters.  

Kannon Krooza’s command line is no joke, either. For the price of one measly unit, you can take out a charging Avatar, Greater Daemon, or Kharn, with no muss and no fuss. And, being an Orks player, you have plenty of units to sacrifice. Trading a Gretchin Mob for their Great Unclean One? That sounds like a good deal to me!

A lot of Ork cards are situational and dependent on what kind of strategy you want to play. Kannon Krooza is one of those rare cards that looks like it’ll fit into just about any deck. And besides, who doesn’t love more dakka?

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