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Fleet Card Review: Orks

Waaagh! This week we review the Ork fleet cards.

Orks are one of the strongest armies in the 40K CCG, combining a high First Wave with a plethora of extra-BA abilities to overwhelm opponents. More than any other army, Orks rely on synergy to perform greater than the sum of its individual cards. Rarely will you see an Ork card with Space Marine stats, or with the destructive power of a Greater Daemon. With their numbers and their extra BAs, however, they’ll rip the teeth out of the opposing force before they’ve had a chance to take their first BA.

The Pandora Prime Orks fleet card is the baseline for Ork decks. With a whopping First Wave of 3, Orks will be attacking in the majority of games. As a result, it’s important to plan deployments as if the opponent will choose the first sector, to get the most out of the fleet card ability. Orks, with their multi-BA potential, have the most to gain from taking the first BA.

Watch out for this guy.

Side note: I’ve mentioned Orks and extra BAs many times. The reason: they have unparalleled access to cards that grant extra BAs, especially amongst their commons:

The extra BA theme also helps negate the Orks’ inherently low toughness. Very rarely will you find armor boosting with Orks; instead, they will need to kill as many threatening units as they can to prevent losses – as they say, the best defense is a good offense.

The Delos V expansion introduced the second Orks fleet card, Da Kult of Speed:

With the Kult of Speed fleet card ability, it makes the most sense to gravitate toward high-speed units and firepower boosting, as most high-speed Ork units have 1 or 0 firepower. It’s worth noting that the Kult of Speed fleet card is not dependent on playing cards from a specific faction.

The most obvious (and fluff-adherent) route is to play high-speed vehicles with the proper support:

Another road you can take is to play high-speed infantry assault units such as Storm Boyz, giving yourself access to the Orks’ arsenal of infantry firepower-boosting units:

Or hedge your bets with hybrid infantry/vehicle units and get the best of both worlds:

And there are a couple counterattack-specific firepower-boosting options no matter what route you choose:

There appears to be a great level of flexibility for deckbuilding with the Kult of Speed, and counterattack is a great way to make opponents pay for destroying your usually frail units, while picking theirs off with impunity using your higher speed units. However, be wary of playing against Tyranids, who will negate your greatest strength with their suite of speed-reducing units; and Space Marines, who may have the armor-boosting resources to shrug off your counterattacks.

Lastly, we come to the Goffs, or as they were printed in Malogrim Hive, Ghazkghull’s Waaagh:

The Goffs fleet card is arguably the strongest of all the Ork fleet cards, and possibly the entire game. The amount of guaranteed card advantage you can generate is tremendous, especially if you have discard outlets to exploit the extra cards (see above for Veteran Skarboyz or below for Ghazghkull’s Command Gargant and Kannon Krooza (SCD article here)). This power is compounded by the fact that Goffs are the most prevalent Orks faction, and that many Goffs cards are best-in-class for Orks:

The ability to essentially draw a card every time a unit dies far outweighs any other Ork fleet card ability, in my opinion. And, while it would be ideal to play an all-Goff deck, you have flexibility to play non-Goff cards if you really wanted to.

Goffs offer the perfect balance of power and versatility, and unless you had your heart set on building that Snakebites-themed deck, should be considered best-in-class for Orks fleet cards.

In Summary:

Best Fleet Card for hittin’ da fastest: Orks

Best Fleet Card for goin’ fasta: Da Kult of Speed

Best Fleet Card for krumpin’ ‘oomies and uvver weaklin’s: Ghazghkull’s Waaagh!

What do you think of my assessment? Agree or disagree? Discuss!

4 replies on “Fleet Card Review: Orks”

I haven’t played against any of them in a long time, but I prefer the Ghazkull’s Waaagh! fleet card too for the tonnes of card advantage. I think the Da Kult of Speed is too reliant to tactics and synergy to achieve mediocre results (unless they are shooting Imperial Guard). Boosting the firepower of FP 0 Stormboyz to get counterattack seems inefficient. I hope to test this out soon.
Glory to the Dark Gods!

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Ghazkull’s Waaagh is definitely a powerful fleet card. I have to be extra careful with my kill order against Goff units, because most Goff cards have command lines that are useful. For example, killing a Rok Thumper early means the Ork player will be guaranteed an armour boosting tactic, or killing a Kannon Krooza means losing a charging unit in the future. By the way, both of those units are all-stars.

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