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Artist Spotlight: Brian Snoddy

This week, the one and only Brian Snoddy answers some of our questions!

Brian Snoddy is a Seattle-based illustrator with more than three decades of experience in the gaming and comic book industries. In addition to being one of the original artists for Magic: The Gathering, with more than 100 cards to his credit, Brian is also known for his work on Dungeons & Dragons, as well as being a co-founder of Privateer Press.

It was my honour to ask Brian a few questions about his work on the Warhammer 40K CCG—a small slice of his illustration history. 

How did you first get involved in the 40K CCG?

BS: I knew all of the guys [at Sabertooth] for years. A lot were ex-WOTC guys, so the art director, Dan Kaufman (I knew him for many years, and still hang out with him today!) called me up at the time, and I got a gig.

Which of your Warhammer 40K pieces is your favourite?

BS: There is one piece of an Eldar character [Mardrethir – Pathfinders] hiding under a mossy log, that was my most favorite. It’s been many years, but that is my memory.

As a Magic player, I also have to ask: which MTG artwork are you most proud of?

BS: I think Lava Axe is my favorite. By the way, it has the best flavor text ever: “Catch!”

Who/what have been your artistic influences?

BS: I have a lot of influences, not in any order: Frank Frazetta, Bernie Wrightson, Mike Grell, Barry W. Smith, Joseph C. Cole, Hal Foster, Ralph McQuarrie, Jim Dietz, Russ Manning, and Angus McBride…all who made me the artist I am today. I also want to make a special shout-out to Rick Hoberg: without him, I would have never made it.

What hobbies/pastimes keep you busy outside of work?

BS: I am a big collector of Japanese/samurai armor and weaponry. I buy and collect them, and I also try to translate (some) of the Japanese books/manuscripts of these items. 

What projects are you working on these days?

BS: I have a YouTube channel called Dungeon Mastery With Ben & Brian! It’s really fun. My buddy Ben and I do D&D supplements: Ben is a history book writer, and of course I do the illustrations. Check it out!

Where can fans check out your latest work?

BS: Please friend me on Facebook (Brian Snoddy) and also check me out on my website:

Thanks Brian for taking the time to answer our questions!

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