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Pauper Decks, Part 1

This week I share common-only decklists for Space Marines, Orks, Eldar, and Chaos!

Last month, I got some interest on Facebook to share some common-only 40K CCG deck lists for a quick and easy way to get started with playing. I’m always up for a deckbuilding challenge, so after digging through my card box, I built the following Pauper lists for Space Marines, Orks, Eldar, and Chaos.

Fair warning: these decks haven’t been tested extensively against each other, but I picked some of the most capable commons from each faction. YMMV – try them out and let me know what you think!

Space Marines

This is a classic Space Marines list focusing on armor boosting and counterattack, with solid assault units and shooters. 

(Click for full-sized image)

Space Marines Pauper List – 021.01.18

4Blood Angels Terminators (PP)
4Squad Furion (MH)
4Squad Damocles (PP)
4Squad Capsus (MH)
4Squad Wulfrik (CC)
4Squad Valgaard (DE)
3Squad Navarre (MH)
4Mordekai – Interrogator-Chaplain (IV)
4Squad Triton (PP)
4Miller’s Bodyguard (PP)
3Rhino (PP)
4Multi-Melta Attack Bikes (PP)
4Land Speeder (PP)
4Apothecary Singa (PP)
2Squad Tibernius (PP)
4Bike Squad (PP)


This infantry-heavy Orks list focuses on exploiting superior numbers and extra BAs to overwhelm opponents at each sector. Ammo Grotz can fuel some gross firepower boosting, and your extra BAs will give you the jump on your opponent.

(Click for full-sized image)

Orks Pauper List – 2021.01.18

4Fangrim Ard Boyz (MH)
4Storm Boyz (PP)
4Ammo Grotz (CC)
4Kroot Bad ‘Uns (MH)
4Warbike Squad (PP)
4Morfasta Boyz (MH)
4Grot Orderlies (DE)
4Freebootas (PP)
4Boarboyz (PP)
4Ard Boyz (PP)
4Painboyz (PP)
4Wazza Boyz (PP)
4Deathskull Boyz (PP)
4Dakka Boyz (PP)
4Grub Snaga (MH)


The specialized units in this Eldar deck work together to solve any problem. A third of the deck can roll natural 6s, in addition to having 12 cards that can boost die rolls on-board or in hand, letting you pass difficult, high-reward tests with ease. Take full advantage of card combos to make the most of your limited troop numbers. 

(Click for full-sized image)

Eldar Pauper List – 2021.01.18

4Laminidias (PP)
4Drathachal – Dark Reapers (MH)
4Wave Serpent Lapiel (PP)
4Tyroth – Dark Reapers (DE)
4Katerin – Howling Banshees (MH)
4Jarchorra (PP)
4Anendel – Howling Banshees (DE)
4Kaura (PP)
4Khaleon (PP)
4Erichnia (PP)
4Ceruithar (PP)
4Ralacion – Rangers (IV)
4Lockesis (PP)
4Khainazahil (PP)
4Evanaeroth – Warlock (MH)


Solid units, high rolls, and plenty of reactions and die modification, this Chaos deck can react to anything your opponent throws your way.

(Click for full-sized image)

Chaos Pauper List – 2021.01.18

4Chaos Rhino (PP)
4Emperor’s Children (CC)
4Raptors (PP)
4Chaos Bikers (PP)
4Discs of Tzeentch (PP)
4Tzeentch Flamers (PP)
4Chaos Space Marines (PP)
4Slaanesh Daemonettes (PP)
4Squad Xenris (MH)
4Plague Marines (PP)
4Renegade Space Marines (PP)
4Anguis – Sorceror Lord (MH)
4Tzeentch Pink Horrors (PP)
4Nurgle Plague Bearers (PP)
4Juggernauts of Khorne (PP)

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