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Pauper Decks, Part 2

This week we finish our common-only decklists with Imperial Guard, Tyranids, and Dark Eldar!

To follow up on last week’s Pauper (common-only) decklists for Space Marines, Chaos, Orks, and Eldar, we’re going to finish up this week with Imperial Guard, Tyranids, and Dark Eldar!

Try out the following lists and let me know what you think!

Imperial Guard

Imperial Guard require a lot of synergy to run at full potential. This deck focuses on infantry shooting and assaulting, with artillery units and Fire Base fortifications helping to remove the hardest targets. The Rough Rider units will deter any rallying or infiltration tricks from your opponent.

Click for full-sized image

Imperial Guard Pauper List – 021.01.25

4Ice Hunters – Valhallan XI (DE)
4Headhunters – Catachan IV (IV)
4Leman Russ (CC)
3Griffon (CC)
3Fire Base (PP)
2Kane’s Squad (IV)
4Deathworld Sentinels (IV)
4Mortar Squad (CC)
4Hardened Veterans (CC)
4Rough Riders (CC)
4Fire Support Squad (CC)
4Iron Frost – Valhallan XVI (DE)
4Sentinel Squadron (CC)
4Colonel Krone (CC)
2Chimera (CC)
4Ratskin Rough Riders (IV)
2Veteran Cityfighters (CC)


Charge, charge, and charge again! Tyranids are obviously assault-oriented, but have some rallying and sector movement tricks up their sleeve (claw?), as well as speed reduction from the Ymgarl ‘Stealers to help control shooting attacks.

(Click for full-sized image)

Tyranids Pauper List – 2021.01.25

4Vampires (DE)
4Horror Zoanthrope (IV)
4Spined Ravener (IV)
4Genestealers (CC)
4Ymgarl ‘Stealers (CC)
4Cerebore (CC)
4Lashers (DE)
4Warrior Brood (IV)
4Biofex (CC)
4Termagants (CC)
4Haruspex (CC)
4Prophestus Broodkin (CC)
4Hellgaunts (CC)
4Terrorgaunts (CC)
4Razorfex (CC)

Dark Eldar

This Dark Eldar deck relies on Wyches to deal the bulk of the damage, with some high-speed shooting support. Due to the deck’s absurdly high dice rolls, you can afford to play 4 copies of Tarreq, a double-barreled artillery unit.  

The deck image features both Dark Eldar fleet cards – feel free to play either!

(Click for full-sized image)

Dark Eldar Pauper List – 2021.01.25

4Anansi – Hellions (MH)
4Tarreq – Ravager (IV)
2Chapel of Blades (DE)
4Reaver Squad Wayaasi (IV)
4Khuzama – Wyches (IV)
2Vorpal Talons – Raven Squadron (DE)
2Nylreth (DE)
4Cantara – Wyches (MH)
4Aazabala – Wyches (IV)
4Alikhari – Warrior Squad (DE)
4Voril’desh – Warp Beasts (MH)
4Flesh Reapers – Warp Beasts (DE)
4Nawar – Wyches (MH)
4Kandel’ri – Raider Squad (MH)
2Korai Soulstalker (DE)
4Sacrificial Slaves (MH)
4Izhaar – Raider Squad (IV)

One reply on “Pauper Decks, Part 2”

Heh.). Fire Base in IG? Maybe.

When we played long time ago my friend build IG deck based on fortifications.

Not based sorry. There was only 15 infantry units and 4 heroes. Remaining 41 cards was fortifications.

And it works great.

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